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I-Digital Strategy

Junior Product Developer

i-Digital Strategy is a fast growing digital company located in Cape Town, South Africa, that provide digital solution and web development services to start-up companies.


As a junior product developer my main tasks included, but weren't limited to, the following:


  • Program, test and debug web applications
  • Translate design concepts into web technologies such as HTML5 / CSS3
  • Implement user interaction with JavaScript / Ajax
  • Coordinate with other designers and programmers to develop web projects
  • Collaborate with staff and team to develop and deploy new features
  • Troubleshoot and debugging code
  • Create reusable Django apps
  • Research and propose web software that are compatible with future technologies
  • Content management updates
  • Analyze complicated design problems and provide appropriate solutions to resolve issues
  • Ensure completion of projects on time (meet deadlines)